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On the New Age scene, “twin flame” relationships are all the rage. YouTube is overflowing with guided meditations for attracting one, testimonies and storytimes by people who’ve had them, and bulleted powerpoint presentations of Signs You’ve Met Your Twin Flame. Alongside all this positive propaganda, you’ll also find dire warnings: twin flame relationships almost always end in disaster. Be careful.

But for the un/lucky lovebirds who fall (hard) into these relationships, these warnings fall on deaf ears. Meeting one’s twin is like a homecoming. How could “home” be anything other than good?

To the pair, it seems like a match made in heaven: Right from their first meeting — which usually happens under unbelievably synchronistic circumstances — they can’t shake the eerie feeling that they already know each other, though they’ve never met before. They begin to see everything as confirmation of this inexplicable knowing: they share the same ridiculously specific interests, right down to favorite brands of tea and obscure songs; they have the same peculiar mannerisms, thought patterns and way of speaking; sometimes even their birthday is in the same week, if not on the same day. Their feeling that they already know each other may morph into a sense that they *are* each other, just in different bodies. And in a sense, they are — which I’ll explain later. …

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You may have clicked on this article expecting an analysis of the COVID-19 pandemic featuring sleek infographics, a breakdown of all the facts and figures, ironclad statistics and sophisticated scientific jargon. However, this essay will not be taking the “cold logic” approach. Because truth be told, I am not an epidemiologist, or a chemist, or a statistician. I am not an “expert” on anything COVID-related.

What I am is a human. I am a human with complicated thoughts, beliefs and feelings. I am a human who loves you, dear stranger reading from the other side of this screen — this glowing bridge between our deeply divided worlds. …

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It is all at once a cultural value, a spiritual ideal, and an ethical mandate.

But, observing the current state of our shared reality, I wonder if we even know what Truth is.

If the title of this article enticed you enough to make you click, you probably already know that your words impact your world. Maybe you believe words merely groom your subconscious, creating a new perception of a thing without necessarily changing the thing itself. Or maybe you believe words are the literal vibratory substance the world is made of. …

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Psychokinesis? Or a trick of the eye? (courtesy of PsiPog author NotImportant, aka NI)

As a metaphysics enthusiast, I’m often asked (well, goaded really) to provide sCiEnTiFiC PrOoF that humans have dormant psionic abilities. Certainly, I’m told, if “this stuff” was real, capital-s Science would’ve proven it by now.

Though this seems like a reasonable request, it does grate on the nerves after a while. After all, the CIA has been declassifying documents about their psionics research for decades, and independent parapsychologists like Monad Mantis of ExoPsychic have delivered stunning results, despite a lack of funding or general support from the established scientific community.

Basically, to my once-skeptical eyes, evidence of the supernatural seems rather abundant and easy to find… which makes it mighty tempting to respond to my challengers with a passive-aggressive “Here, Let Me Google That For You!” …

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A Scientific Method for Developing Intuition — Apocalypse Survival Kit

In an earlier post, I urged people to develop their psychic and psionic abilities (a.k.a. siddhis) as a means of surviving the apocalypse. Then I wrote a list of siddhis to give people an idea of how many ways they can prepare and protect themselves. The diversity of the list allows people with different resonances (elemental balances, astrological placements, behavioral tendencies) to develop the siddhis they best “vibe with,” instead of wasting their time trying to develop ones that are beyond their current capability. (Note the double-meaning of “current.”)

Now I will write a guide to develop what I personally consider to be the most useful and universal siddhi of all: intuition. …

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Thanks to the rise of scientism, at least in the proverbial West, there’s a prevailing notion that psychic phenomena have “already been proven nonexistent.” Some would confidently assert that we live in a post-metaphysical age — a godless reality of strict materialism and so-called objectivity.

However, parapsychology (the study of psychic phenomena like extrasensory perception and psionics) is far from dead. In fact, you could say this field of scientific study is currently having its global renaissance. More and more people are waking up to the fact that this branch of scientific study is not “pseudoscientific” after all.

It’s clear that most skeptics of psi phenomena, who claim “there’s no scientific proof that it exists,” have never actually looked for said proof. Turns out, there’s plenty of it. …

Are You Listening?

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This one’s for the paranoid, persecuted conspiracists:
I have a bone to pick with you.

Prior to the 9/11 terrorist attack in 2001, countless movies and television shows featured the Twin Towers being destroyed in one way or another. The Simpsons, Rugrats, Batman Beyond, Iron Man, and many other works of media seemed to be “in on” the historical event way before it happened.

Coincidence? Possibly.

But looking further into the conspiracy known as predictive programming, we find many, many, many more examples of events being foretold by seemingly benign cartoons. Exhibit A: Kobe Bryant’s death was foretold by a brief scene in Legends of Chamberlain Heights. Helicopter crash, 5 rings, and everything. …

Which of these powers do YOU have?

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A Master List of Psychic & Supernatural Powers Observed in Humans

This is a master list of every siddhi (supernatural power) I’ve ever encountered via personal experience, observation, and secondary research.

I strongly believe that every human can and should develop siddhis for themselves. instructions will be provided alongside certain siddhis when available.

If you think of one that’s not on the list, leave a comment & I’ll add it!

…and remember, kids:

“Everything you can imagine is real.” — Pablo Picasso

the “clairs”
clairsentience (clear-feeling)
clairvoyance (clear-seeing)
clairaudience (clear-hearing)
clairalience (clear-smelling)
clairgustance (clear-tasting)
claircognizance (clear-knowing)

astral travel
awareness of parallel incarnations

the “kinetic” siddhis
telekinesis/psychokinesis — manipulating inanimate objects
pyrokinesis — manipulating fire
hydrokinesis — manipulating water
terrakinesis — manipulating earth
aerokinesis — manipulating air
electrokinesis — manipulating electricity
atmokinesis — manipulating weather
biokinesis — manipulating organisms (humans, plants, animals, etc.) …

Deep in your soul, you still know how to do this. It’s not too late to remember.

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I see a lot of information around the web about how to create spiritual links with animals. These animals, once the link is created, are referred to as “familiars” (think: the stereotype of a witch and her black cat).

However, I rarely hear anyone talk about forming such connections with plants — and that’s sad because I’ve always found it rather easy (and fun) to connect with plant familiars!

In this post, I will explain how to spiritually attune oneself to living plants. But before that, let’s take a better look at their metaphysical properties:

Plants are expert alchemists. They incarnate with the innate ability to transmute light into food. This is a skill that only the most advanced humans can perform, so the ease with which all plants do it makes them deserving of our most humbled reverence. …

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As some of you know because I never shut up about it, my spirit animal is the deep sea anglerfish. That’s a whole story in and of itself, about which I am writing a play to get all the complicated ~feels~ out of my system. But until that’s finished, this post will have to hold me over.

After meeting the anglerfish in that fateful spirit animal meditation 5 years ago, I went into full-on denial. I didn’t want it to be true that this frightening sea beast was my soul symbol. Why couldn’t I be a wolf? Or a moth? Or, I don’t know, something not scary and evil? …

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