Funny you should say that. It just so happens that I edit scientific journals for a living, and it's precisely this role (which I've held for 5 years) that has contributed to my disillusionment with scientism. My criticism of this culture-wide blind faith in science actually comes from seeing, directly, how corrupt the establishment is.

Here's the thing: If the approved COVID vaccines were truly "scientific," trials would *not* have been completed by the manufacturers of the vaccines themselves, as this introduces biases and a conflict of interests. The whole goal of the scientific method is to eliminate biases. Research into vaccine production should have been carried out by an independent third party, and it should have been carried out for MUCH longer before the vaccine rollout began.

Furthermore, if these vaccines were truly "scientific," there would be accountability in case of errant results. But as we've seen, the vaccine producers have already legally established freedom from liability/lawsuits in case of adverse side effects from their products. Where's the accountability in that?

Just because vaccine production deals in the realms of chemistry, biology and other scientific disciplines, that doesn't automatically make the end product -- the vaccine -- "scientific." Because the scientific method was not actually honored here.

So this is what I mean when I say, most people who put their Faith in scientism aren't actually scientifically literate. Just like any religious zealots who trust the priests' interpretations of the Bible instead of reading it for themselves.