It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like 1984

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It is all at once a cultural value, a spiritual ideal, and an ethical mandate.

But, observing the current state of our shared reality, I wonder if we even know what Truth is.

If the title of this article enticed you enough to make you click, you probably already know that your words impact your world. Maybe you believe words merely groom your subconscious, creating a new perception of a thing without necessarily changing the thing itself. Or maybe you believe words are the literal vibratory substance the world is made of. Either way, we can at least agree that words play a key role in determining the version of reality we experience.

So if we’re operating from the assumption that language is a creative tool, and furthermore, that it is our responsibility to make positive contributions to reality using what we have, for the sake of our community…. then in this ominous time of COVID-1984, it is high time to ask ourselves:

How honest are we, really? — with ourselves, our loved ones, and our community at large?
How much more honest are we willing to become?

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Think of literally any social ill you wish didn’t exist. You think it exists outside of you, yes? You think you have nothing to do with how it came to be.

But I’d wager a guess that you do. We all do. And most of the time, we don’t even know it.

Take for example, pedophilia. Most people think of themselves as being against pedophilia. But how many of those same people, do you think, use the word “baby” to describe their romantic partner?

Stop and think about that.
We use the same word “baby” to mean both “infant” and “person I have sex with.”
What the fuck.

Oh, and speaking of fuck — have you ever seen a more multi-purpose word? As I’ve written before, “fuck” can be either an assault to the ear or a synonym for lovemaking. Most of us are against rape — or, we think we are. But we use the same exact word to convey both consensual sex and its exact opposite.

In both of these examples, we can see a clear discrepancy between what a person claims to stand for, versus what they casually express on a regular basis. This is the unconscious use of language.

To further illustrate, let’s take a look at today’s culture. In particular, Generation Z has a penchant for sentence-ing themselves to death. Here we have an entire generation of teens who say “I’M LITERALLY DEAD 💀💀💀” whenever they laugh at a meme. Imagine that! We now use the same word for death as we do for joy. It should not surprise you, then, to learn that most of Gen Z’s memes glorify suicide as something hilarious and light-hearted. Is it any wonder why Gen Z is also a severely depressed, suicidal population?

It’s one thing when young kids use words irresponsibly and cause damaging cultural reverberations. It’s another thing when adults do this. Take a look at your typical Millennial liberals. They’re the ones aggressively chanting #ICantBreathe when they can, in fact, breathe. They’re the ones calling transwomen “women” when transwomen are obviously male. They’re at protests belligerently shouting “No justice, no peace!” and later wondering why there’s no justice and no peace.

Ironically, it’s the people who think of themselves as the fiercest advocates of truth who are the most self-deceptive.

That said, it does not surprise me at all that we have collectively arrived at peak self-deception, where we demonstrate that we are “all in this together” by staying 6 feet apart and hiding our faces from each other.

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very together, much wow

It doesn’t surprise me, but it still disappoints me.

The more we mindlessly throw words around, say the opposite of what we mean, and support ourselves with contra-dictions, the more we desecrate the creative potential of the one resource we all have: LANGUAGE. We also compromise our own clear vision when we do this.

Some have conspiracy-theorized that language was designed on our behalf — perhaps by advanced interdimensional beings (1, 2) with the explicit purpose of causing mental disarray in humans. But in this article I’d rather focus on self-empowerment.

What role do we play in creating our reality?

Why do we desecrate our words, the very material with which we build worlds for each other, and render them impotent before anything has even been created? Why do we incessantly strike pickaxes against cornerstones, then wonder why the world is collapsing all around us? Whenever we invert a word, we undermine (under-mind) our own spellcasting power. The worst part about this is, we have no one to blame for this but ourselves.

So how can we become more effective in creating a reality of Sovereignty, Truth and Freedom for all?

I feel, with the current circumstance of nonstop fear-mongering propaganda, that careful application of thought and speech is now more important than ever.

As a favorite feminist blogger of mine once said, “Thoughts manifest materially. It is not enough to outlaw rape. It must cease to exist. It must be unconscionable.”

So we need to take this so-called New World Order, and make it unconscionable. Inconceivable. Unimaginable. Literally: incapable of taking root in the mind in the first place.

The time to start meditating towards the healing of humanity is yesterday.

So take a vow of silence. Use that time to analyze your speech patterns. See where you’ve inverted words, and turn them right side out again. Make a vow to speak with conscious awareness, and to speak only truth. Truth in its entirety. Truth in its purest form. Truth with a single meaning. Speak healing over people. Speak courage and freedom. Something. Anything. Just start honoring your words, and wield them with the full power that comes with knowing how responsible you are for everyone around you, as well as yourself.

And remember:

“Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.”

― Voltaire


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