Jyeshtha Nakshatra: Born to Dominate

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Jyeshtha has a reputation for “telling it like it is.” She says what she’s thinking and doesn’t bother with tact. Or if she does channel her Mercurian linguistic skill into more refined forms of communication, then her sweet, poetic words will still be charged with immense energy. Her casual skill is intimidating to others, not because she is necessarily fierce, but because her effortless ability to get noticed and praised hints at an abundance of personal power.

Jyeshtha natives excel in almost any field they apply themselves to because they instinctively apply themselves to tasks aligned with their dharma, or utmost purpose. If a Jyeshtha pursues music, they will be greatly rewarded in music (see: Nicki Minaj 🌞). If they try their hand at writing they will dominate in their genre, no matter how niche (Francesca Lia Block 🌞). They may even become a household name despite not being considered the most talented in their field (Charlie Sheen 🌙) or despite having no prior experience in their role (Donald Trump 🌙).

Notoriety and achievement fall out of the sky and into the Jyeshtha’s lap, with such frequency that observers begrudgingly call it “luck.” This may be part of the reason why Jyeshtha’s yoni animal, the ever-energized Rabbit 🐇, is associated with wealth and good fortune. However, while it is true that the native doesn’t have to work “hard” to rise to the top of her field, it’s wrong to conclude that her success means all personal gain is therefore contingent upon luck. In truth, it’s a matter of knowing where your power lies, and allowing that current to carry you to where you belong. Jyeshtha doesn’t waste time calculating and researching how to dominate others, because she knows that true power isn’t rooted in labyrinthine, stupefying sociopolitical or spiritual jargon ⁠ — rather, it grows out of a sincere sense of self. For this reason, Jyeshtha doesn’t have to call herself elite. She simply is, and she knows it as deeply as her Scorpionic waters run. 🌊

Jyeshtha’s inborn entitlement to her crown provokes awe, fear and envy among members of other nakshatras, who then attempt to steal her power through superficial analysis, cheap mimicry, passive-aggressive sniping, deception, and fame parasitism. This is why it’s often said that Jyeshtha makes enemies as effortlessly as she makes a name for herself. But to superficially take on Jyeshtha’s qualities in order to get what Jyeshtha has, is to utterly misunderstand the foundation of Jyeshtha’s success: authenticity. Jyeshtha is radically honest, and her truth only hurts if you have something to hide. This nakshatra grants her the ability to see right through the facades people robe themselves with in a sad attempt to conceal their insecurities, like a lightning bolt cutting through the clouds. If someone is, say, constantly making grandiose proclamations about themselves, a Jyeshtha will recognize the overcompensation for what it is and incredulously point it out. That’s because Jyeshtha truly understands what it means to be royalty, and blue-bloods don’t tend to diminish their innate nobility by internalizing or even entertaining the opinions of commoners.

The enemy of Jyeshtha may manage to accrue the success he so enviously pursues ⁠ — but unfortunately for him, his overly cerebral copycat method will render that success deeply dissatisfying and forever void. This is the reason it stings so much to lose the respect of a real Jyeshtha. Their disapproval is the ultimate character assessment. Jyeshtha is known as “the enforcer of dharma,” after all. So when Jyeshtha turns on you, you’ll immediately understand that your own failure is to blame. Had you not been so outwardly obsessed with the activities of others, or so internally empty that you allowed yourself to become possessed and used in service of someone else’s agenda, you might actually understand what puts Jyeshtha in the position to look down at you… and why it incessantly bothers you so much when she does. Jyeshtha tells it like it is, remember? You may be able to fool others with your paper crown, but you will never fool a Queen. 👑

How, then, can the success-seeker reach the realm where Jyeshtha resides ⁠ — the realm of this nakshatra’s deity, Indra, the King of all gods? It’s simple: don’t emulate us. Don’t emulate anyone. Be you and only you. Otherwise, if you’re committed to any path except your own, you will continue to wander aimlessly through everyone else’s identities, wondering why you feel chronically empty and agitated by every little thing people say about you… while Jyeshtha continues moving on up, unapologetically self-assured and oblivious to you. 😘

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