The Profound Spiritual Wisdom of “Live Laugh Love”

Alicen Grey
3 min readJun 22, 2022

There’s hardly a home decor store in existence that doesn’t have at least one item for sale featuring the phrase “Live, Laugh, Love.” Signs, pillows, mugs, shirts… you name it, and it’s been “live-laugh-love”-ified.

Despite how popular as this phrase has become, not everyone’s a fan. “Live, Laugh, Love” has seen its fair share parodies, memes and mockery. Some even say it’s an overrated trend, appreciated only by those who lack originality or a sense of style.

But I beg to differ! Sometimes the most profound wisdom hides behind the simplest facade. So let’s take a moment to reflect on each word in this little phrase:


We’re all living… but are we alive?

Most people have felt, or currently feel, a misalignment between the life we desire and the life we have now. Many of us wish we had a different job — one that gives us more money, or more free time. Many of us have big dreams of traveling the world, or creating great art, or just vibing and enjoying the present moment…

But instead, we find ourselves stuck in obligations and patterns, not sure of our purpose. Some even wonder if we have a “purpose” at all!

Though we’re alive, very few ever deeply reflect on the ramifications of that… and fewer, still, make the choice to live more fully while they still have the chance.

Will you choose to Live today?


They say laughter is the best medicine. Turns out, it’s true. Laughter has been proven to decrease blood pressure, catalyze endorphin production, relieve pain, and boost the immune system — and that’s just the short list!

But for the reasons given above, many people lack Laughter in their Lives. The past 2 years of pandemic stress have amplified our collective pain, leaving most of the world feeling too destabilized to even imagine that Joy is still possible.

Luckily, joy doesn’t need a reason. In fact, choosing to smile before you have something to smile about, can train your brain to feel joy in any circumstance.

Will you choose to Laugh today?

Alicen Grey